Shopping Assistance

Wedding Shopping is a significant task before the wedding & it can end you up with a lot of hustle with endless market trips
Bride & Groom are the highlights of the Wedding & every aspect of their look should be perfect.

Finding the perfect match of accessories for your wedding attire, getting the most elegant jewellery, buying the footwear, and getting all things necessary in such a short time can be a big task to manage alone and we understand that. Therefore, BMP is here to assist you through all of this, from finalizing your wedding dress to find the matching accessories with it.

BMP team helps you with everything from a list of targeted shops to ensuring timely delivery for your clothes and other things. We also have collaboration with a magnificent brand like Luxurion World.

Luxurion World is an online platform to buy authentic ethnic, hand-crafted,  premium apparel for women is one of those exclusive organizations which offer support to Be Vocal For Local. Authenticity is their core belief and they are built on prioritising art and artisans.

BMP assures you get hustle-free Wedding Shopping!